A whole new twist

First I would like to say sorry for the crazy time in between my only two posts. But that is all about to change. School has started back up and I am working my way back into the groove of classes and my work at The Shield. In case anyone was wondering, I did indeed get the position as page designer for the college newspaper I work at! I love what I do and I feel that it is a perfect fit!

Second, I have good news. I feel that I definitely need to start using this website a lot more. And not just posting updates on everything, but I am going to try to take on a new task as a fashion blogger. Fashion has always been a passion of mine and I think taking on this new challenge will be fun! So, as of now on my Instagram you can see what I am wearing every so often and I will try to make that even more often. I will keep my followers up to date on great deals that I know about and reviews on make up products that I try. Hopefully this goes well and I gain new ideas as what to post.

Well, that is that. And I would check up more on this site; good things are soon to come!! xoxo

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